​Школа Google-реклами Ігоря Івіцького

Igor Ivitsky’s Google-ad school

The main ideas we follow:

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We provide assistance to

The entrepreneurs, who work closely with the Google-ad and who seek for a stable flow of the internet clients

Freelancers and agencies, who want to provide high quality to their clients and to gain high fee earnings on merit

The newbies in Google-ad, who want to skip the stage “wasted budget for the ad” and come directly to efficiency

We are on the same road, if:

“One million invested to the efficient ad sells more than ten million invested to inefficient ad.”

Claude Hopkins

Hi, my name is 
Igor Ivitsky!

Ігорь Івіцький

The author of the training and thought leader

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How can we help you



Consultation on your situation in digital marketing personally with Igor

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Аудит реклами

Audit of ad

Video review of the settings and statistics of your ad account

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Original training of the efficient Google-ad

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